Thursday, December 14, 2006


IT'S CHRISTMAS BREAK!!! *does happy dance*
Yup, you heard it! We're officially on Christmas break and I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it. I'm just ready to have a break and I've been so excited for Christmas that it has made it hard for me to concentrate anyway. We're going to our homeschooling Christmas party tomorrow, so that will be fun. I've gotten some cookies to decorate and one of the other Mom's got a craft to do. There are going to be 14 kids there! Everyone is going to bring their lunch and all of the kids will play and the Mom's will socialize and pick each other's brains for good ideas. I'm excited! I'm going to use the next week to wrap presents and do the Official Christmas Baking (I've got thumbprint cookies and fudge left to make, and also some more Chex mix, I think...I love Chex mix and there can never be enough!) I've gotten some crafts for The Kids to do when they get bored. Or when they get too close to killing each other, whichever comes first!


mamaduk said...

Tell us how you really feel, Lisa lol

We've got another week of school, but we've been so incredibly low key for 3 weeks now it barely feels like we've been doing school anyway.

Sherri said...

Today was our last day. I'm so excited to have a break and to be able to concentrate more on Christmas fun!