Saturday, December 16, 2006

Our Christmas Party!

We had SUCH a good time at our homeschooling Christmas party yesterday!! I just absolutely love it that I have so many good friends who homeschool. And, between us all we have 14 children of varying ages when we get together - talk about socialization!
The only thing that went "wrong" yesterday was that my friend, Shelley, at whose house the party was supposed to be held, got sick about 30 minutes before the party started, so we had to move the location from her house to ours. This was not a big deal, my mom happened to show up and she helped me "blitz" the house so it was more presentable, and I was able get ahold of the other guests without any problem. Shelley's mom, bless her heart, brought the crafts by that all the kids were going to do, and the gifts that Shelley's boys were going to bring for the gift exchange so that they could at least take part in that. (Shelley decided to not have her boys come, lest they pass on to all of us the stomach thing that she apparently came down with!)

So, first, all the kids played. (What was REALLY funny was that the girls (there were 11 of them!) went in Bear's room and played school!) After they played awhile, everyone had lunch(which they had brought) and then we did the craft. We had sugar cookies to decorate with icing and sprinkles and suncatcher ornaments to paint. After everyone had gotten to do a cookie and an ornament, we went to the livingroom where Julie read The Christmas Lizard and then the kids did their gift exchange. (Everyone had brought a dollar store gift.) It was such fun! I really hope this become a tradition!

Deco decorates his cookie

Bear decorates her suncatcher ornament

Story time!

Present time!!


Sherri said...

What an awsome party! Wow, I can't believe you had it at your house at the last go girl! That says a lot about your housekeeping!

JakesMom said...

Hi Lisa - sounds like you all had a fabulous party. And kudos to you for stepping up to the plate at the last minute like that! Good for you!