Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Tea Party in Bed

This morning, I was sitting on my bed, reading as I do almost every morning. The Kids know that they aren't to come out of their rooms until 7:00 (or, for Deco, until he hears his music from his clock radio), and it was right after 7 that I saw Bear heading through the schoolroom and into mine. In her hands she carried a little tea pot, a little plate, some tiny silverware, and a bowl with some plastic grapes and fake bacon in it. She was bringing me a tea party! She got up onto the bed and we had the most wonderful party, complete with cookes, fruit and tea - she had to make another trip into her room to get the rest of the things.
I could feel myself trying to say, "OK, now, let's clean it up!" or "Don't forget to get all these things out of my bed when you leave!" but thankfully, I was able to refrain. I was able to just sit there and enjoy playing, asking for more tea and complimenting her on her cookies. I know that she will all too soon not want to play tea party, so I just soaked in my little girl while I could. This was a good moment.

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Sherri said...

You lucky girl!!