Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Show & Tell and Shaving Cream

This morning I told Bear and Deco to go into their rooms and pick something that was special to them to share for "show and tell" and then asked each of them to tell us why it was special.

Deco picked his Wiggles Guitar, and this is what he said about it, "You know what's special about my piano? Because....I don't know what to say. Since Gram gave it to me it's just really special and it's like a real piano." He says all of this while demonstrating all the buttons that can be pushed. (I chose not to correct him and tell him it's a guitar - life's too short to quibble over instruments!)
Bear chose Sara, her porcelain doll that she got for Christmas. When asked why this was special to her she said, "My doll is special because Uncle E. gave it to me and it's porcelain. Her dress is very beautiful because it's got silk and jewels and little flowers on it. Her hair is very beautiful because you can pull it back in a ponytail like this (demonstrates ponytail) and I like the lace on her dress. My favorite thing about her is that she's porcelain and I have her (with big grin)". I know that show and tell might seem silly since they're always showing things that we've all seen a bajillion times, but they think it's great fun and it's good for a change every once in awhile.

I decided last week to make a weekly list of spelling words for Bear, compiled from several lists I got on the internet from first grade teachers class websites. I introduce the new words on Monday, we review them each day, and then have a quiz on Friday. One day last week I spread PlayDoh on the table and had her write the words with a pencil. Today I broke out the shaving cream and let her write the words with her finger. Needless to say, I think that if the Mom of the Year voting was today, I'd definitely have at least two votes! (OK, four - I think that Ched would vote for me!)

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Jenn (Jenneve from JM) said...

I love the show & tell idea! I think my kids would like something like that. I'll have to remember it for future reference.
They also LOVE "playing" in shaving cream. It's a great motivator for studying spelling words.