Thursday, May 25, 2006

Our "Resurrection Plant

When we were in St. Louis, my mom bought Bear a "Resurrection Plant" at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. This is a type of fern, and the packet said that even though the plant looked completely dead, it would return to life if placed in a shallow bowl of water.

So, last Tuesday, we put the plant to the test!

The first picture on the left is what the plant looked like when it first came out of the package. Curled in on itselt, very dry, very brown...seemingly very DEAD!
The first picture on the right is after it has been in water for about 15 minutes. It's beginning to unfold a little bit and we could see that some of the ends had a little bit of green on them.
The second picture on the left was taken a few hours after it had been put into the water. Obviously, it's much more uncurled, and we could see much more green down in the center.
The last picture I took, which is the second one on the right, was taken some time the next day. There was a whole lot of green and the plant was almost completely spread open.
Now, the plant never turned into the "lush, green fern" that the package said that it would, but it was really neat to see it come to life as much as is did! We could plant it in a planter, but I've not gotten around to doing that yet. Someday, someday...

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