Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oh my...

Tomorrow is our last day of school...
When I think about it too hard, I kinda want to cry...not in a sad sort of way, by any means. But in an "OHMYGOODNESS, we actually DID it!" kind of way.
When I think back to the first day of school (August 25th), I remember sitting on the sofa with Bear, and doing a page in a math workbook that I'd gotten on eBay. We did the number "1" - it was the first time she'd written a number 1. And when we were finished that day, I thought to myself, "Wow, now we really are a homeschooling family." After years of talking about it, praying about it, preparing, and stressing out about it, we were there. And now she easily counts to over 100 and writes numbers up to 100. She can do simple math. She reads. Her handwriting is amazing. She's beginning to learn about punctuation and capitalization...and I helped her do all that.
I wonder - would I be feeling this emotional if she had gone to public school? Somehow, to see where she was, and to see where she is now, and to realize that I had a hand in getting her really, truly boggles my mind. Wow.Am I going to feel this way at the end of every school year? Am I still going to be turning into a blubbering fool when she "graduates" from first grade? Or fourth grade? Or seventh grade? Oh my, I don't know if I can handle it!
We're going out to dinner and to see "The Lion King" on stage on Saturday night as our End of School Celebration, so I'm looking forward to that...we all are. (OK, well, Deco isn't going, but the rest of us are excited!)

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Sherri said...

I will be the same way.
I realized the other day when someone in our homeschool group was talking about graduation that the parents actually get to hand their child the diploma during the graduation ceremony. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?!? What an awsome moment that has to be.
I have so enjoyed sharing this school year with you...I hope we can keep it up!!!