Thursday, March 23, 2006


Wow, the last week and a half has been CRAZY!!!!
Last week was nuts because my brother came for a "surprise" visit on Wednesday and Thursday - I knew he was coming, but our mom didn't! So we didn't have school on Thursday. Plus, all week I was preparing to leave for Atlanta on Friday to attend my cousin's wedding, so we didn't have school on FRIDAY because I left at the CRACK of dawn. But we did do school Monday through Wednesday!
Where to start? One of Bear's favorite things were the St. Patrick's Day crafts that we made. On Monday, I got out some shamrock-shaped cookie cutters and used them as painting stencils. Then, on Wednesday, I cut shamrock shapes out of card stock and then I tore up pieces of green construction paper and let them glue them on to make the shamrock green.
I swear, if I could find ways to teach all subjects through crafts, Bear would be a happy girl! She ADORES doing crafts! As evidenced in the picture, Deco isn't into crafts as much!
We've discovered a computer game (with the help of my homeschooling friend Jo from Australia!) called "Study Dog" which is a reading program. Bear seems to LOVE it and will often request to play when we're not even "in school". There are lots of different activities, ranging from alphabet recognition to reading comprehension. Each game has several levels and all of the games tie together in that the player and Study Dog are working together to get the ingredients to make the Lost Island Potion which will help Dr. Z become visible she became invisible in the first place, I couldn't tell you! They get "ingredients" when they complete all the levels of a certain game. It's really cute, educational, and Bear likes it, so I let her play!

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