Thursday, March 23, 2006

What a week!!

Well, this has been a less-than-typical week, let me tell you! But it's ok, because the rest of the world is on Spring Break, and while we're not officially taking a break, I don't feel bad about skipping Monday and Tuesday! Monday I was flying back from The Rumpus in Atlanta - a.k.a. my cousin Natalie's wedding - and Tuesday I was recuperating from The Rumpus in Atlanta!

(Aren't they beautiful?...sniff...)

BUT, on Wednesday, we got back in the swing of things! It was pretty neat because the math lesson that I was starting on involved doing some addition using a number line for a visual. I made a number line on a dry erase board using a permanent marker (of "promenade" marker as Bear would say!) so that she could practice without erasing the line, and she LOVED it! She kept saying, "This is fun! Can we do some more?" Then we were doing some patterning with blocks and she loved THAT! I'm beginning to think she's a "tactile" learner, if there is such a learning style!

There was a cooking "craft" out of an American Girls cooking book that she was just dying to make, so I had her write out the shopping list for her handwriting practice. It's a pudding layered in a flower pot with chocolate cookies crushed up and sprinkled on to look like dirt and fake flowers stuck in - very cute! We can't wait to eat it tomorrow night for dessert night!

Today, Thursday, we did some more number line addition and got out the pennies and dimes and counted some money. Again, Bear loved this activity because it was hands on!

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Sherri said...

That is great that you have found so many hands on activities for her and that she is enjoying them so much. Yesterday, we had a hands on day like that..played a money board game for Math, used the microscope for Science and had a Spelling Bee for Spelling. My kids kept saying what a fun day we were having. That made me feel good!!!