Saturday, February 25, 2006

A lesson plan...Part 2!

Welllll, how did this week go?
I had to revise my lesson plan after only 2 days.
We were "scheduled" to do two math lessons each day, which would have us completing the K level books by the end of the year. HOWEVER, because the math is getting into some new concepts, we spent AN HOUR AND A HALF on Monday, JUST doing math!!! Then about the same amount of time on Tuesday, JUST ON MATH!!!! YIKES!!! Then I'm trying to do some reading and some social studies....frankly, it was just too much. Bear was completely bored and both of us were frustrated. She actually said to me at one point, "We used to do fun stuff when we first started school!"
So, on Wednesday, I re-wrote the lesson plan so that we're not "sceduled" to do as much for each day. A little math, a little reading and handwriting, some counting with chocolate chips - we did that on Wednesday and she LOVED, of course! The end of the week was better, less stressful.
We did Show and Tell on Wednesday. Bear chose her rag doll that we got for her at SilverDollar City. She said that she liked it because it was so colorful. Deco chose his "Journey Through the..." (Ocean, Farm, etc.) books and said that he liked them because they were sticky. (!) I guess I need to wipe them off!
Some other fun things we did were the addition with chocolate chips - I should have covered subtraction, too, because there was a lot of that! Bear also really liked it when I got out the pennies and dimes for counting by ten's.
So, we're plugging along!

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Sherri said...

There he is in his batman shirt...hahah. You said in my blog that you were surprised that there were no super hero outfits in you pictures...well, there they are. Don't little boys just love those things. We have so many here...superman, incredibles, the thing, batman, spiderman, etc. etc. I love it. So many pictures of them and on so much video they have those things on!!!