Sunday, February 19, 2006

A lesson plan....FINALLY!!

Well, I decided that one of the things that was getting me down and making school seem so haphazard was not having any type of lesson plan for the week or even for any given day. I would just sort of fly by the seat of my pants, which meant that some days we'd do all math and nothing else and other days we'd do all reading and nothing else. I realized last week that it had been three days or so and we'd not done anything out of her math curriculum! Also, I've stopped doing any type of structured reading lessons, even though I bought "An Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading", and I've just been having her read simple books that we get from the library. Not that that's bad, I'm just not sure that she's learning any of the logic involved in reading. Does that make sense?
So, today I sat down and worked out a lesson plan for the next two weeks! We'll do math and reading every day and social studies three times a week. I bought a simple social studies book from the local Christian bookstore and she's really enjoyed it so far. I'll do some sort of handwriting activity, probably each day. I think I can tie that into her reading lesson fairly easily. I haven't worried too much about her handwriting because she writes REALLY well, but I want to make sure she can recall letters easily. I've noticed her saying, "How do you make a 'g'?" lately, and I think it's because I've dropped the ball a little on that. She recognizes letters without hesitation when she's reading, she just balks sometimes when she's trying to write them.
I feel much better with my plan in place and now we can all just pray that I'll keep it up!!

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Sherri said...

Hi Lisa,
It is me from the forum...Shery.
Your blog looks a lot like mine. I love posting there even if it is possible that no one sees it but me. I want to start printing it off so I can put the pages in a memory album.
Anyway, good luck with the schedule!