Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, today is Sansday (read: Wednesday for all the Real Folk out there that have a real weekend) so we're sitting on the sofas, watching Bee Movie and being lazy, which is, frankly, the best way to be on a rainy, cool day. There's not a whole lot to update as far as school goes, really, seeing as how I've actually been updating more than once a quarter. *pats self on back*
Reilly is indeed enjoying grammar! Yay! Yesterday, however, we had a little bit of a...disagreement, lets say...over a little book that she was to write. On Monday, she wrote a five page "book" with a sentence on each page that had, simply, a subject and a noun in it. She chose "kitty" for her subject and then ran, slept, played, ate, and climbed. Then yesterday we talked about adverbs and she was to make another book and do the same thing, but add an adverb to each sentence. Simple, right? She could choose a new subject/noun combo or use the one from the day before, it didn't matter, so she chose to do "kitty" again.
I got down on the floor to do some math with Deco and a few minutes later Reilly said something about how she was going to go back and "put in" the adverbs. When I questioned her, I found out that on all of her pages, she had copied her sentences from the day before, minus the punctuation, with the intention of just going back and filling in the adverbs. Now, call me nit picky if you want, but I had her go back and erase what she had done. She simply didn't understand whyyyyyyyyyy I would have her dooooooo thaaaaaaat and it simply wasn't faaaaaiiiiiiirrrrrrr that she had to write it all agaaaaaiiiiinnnnn even though I explained to her that she wasn't learning how to write partial sentences and then lists of adverbs. She was learning how to write whole, good sentences.

On another note, I'm having a wee bit of a problem with some of the books we're using in science. As a Christian who doesn't believe in evolution, I really don't want to shield my kids from the fact that people believe that the world started from a big bang. However, when we're reading through books that are talking about the earth and how the make-up of the earth and things like that, it's a bit annoying to have to keep saying, "Well, that's what a lot of people think, but this is what we believe..." The thing that really is beginning to bother me about this is the fact that Sonlight is a Christian company, and as such, one would think that the books that they choose for their literature-based curriculum would be more creation minded rather than evolution minded.
Also, the experiments don't match up with the lessons anymore, but that doesn't seem to bother The Kids. They just enjoy doing the experiments every week!

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

I have to do that too with any science that I use other than abeka. Have you watched "Expelled" yet?