Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week in Review

This was kind of an odd week, simply because of Reilly's toe injury, which you can read all about right here...or, if you want to call she'd be MORE than happy to tell you ALL ABOUT it. (I need to have a talk with her about the fact that some people are squeamish and don't necessarily need to hear all the details when they ask "How did you do that?")

We didn't have any school at all on Monday or Tuesday and then the rest of the week we did minimal amounts of school on the sofa. I just had her do language arts, reading, and math, so it went pretty fast.
On Thursday, we went to an American Girls co-op with some of the other members of our homeschooling co-op. We were to read Meet Kaya, which is the first book in the American Girls series for Kaya and then one family hosted the co-op. There were probably fifteen girls there, some of them dressed up, and a lot of them brought their American Girls dolls - even if they didn't have fact, I think that only one girl actually brought Kaya!
They talked about the story of Kaya, who is a Nez Perce girl from 1764, and then Trisha brought out some traditional Nez Perce food for them to try. She had salmon, which Reilly hated and Declan loved, and a maple syrup candy. Reilly didn't like the candy either (which surprised me!) but Declan loved that as well.
After the food, Trisha taught the girls some string games - using a string loop to make a "teepee" by looping it around your fingers. It's the same idea as doing a "cats cradle" and a "Jacob's ladder" and things like that. Then they learned another game that was played with decorated sticks.
It was so much fun!!! I think that the I and the other mom's who stayed had as much fun learning the games and trying the food as the girls did. Declan had a good time, too, even though he was the only boy there. Luckily, he didn't notice that we were doing "girl things"!
We'll go to another co-op next month where we'll have read the book about Felicity and the host family will do activities from that time period. We're hosting Josephina in November, so I'm going to have to come up with some good ideas for our day!

We went to our regular weekly co-op on Friday (called AHEE), where Reilly made a mosaic cross in her art class. I am SO happy with AHEE and I'm glad we joined this year!!

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Sherri said...

The American Girl thing sounds like fun...and educational, even though you wouldn't think that it would be. What a cool, fun way to learn!