Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Getting in Our Groove!

Things have been going very well this week. (I probably shouldn't say that out loud...I'll jinx us!) I think that the difference was made because I started making a little check list for Reilly for each day. I write out the basics of what we have to do (Reading, Math, Spelling, etc.) and put boxes by them. Then she can pick which subject she wants to do and check the box when she's finished. If I know for sure that we're going to do several things within a subject (like practicing math facts and doing a worksheet) then I'll make sub-boxes to check off for those things, but for the most part, it's just the subject. I did tell her that just because it says "Spelling", it doesn't mean that we're only doing one thing within spelling. I think that doing this both gives her a feeling of control over her day, plus that feeling of accomplishment when she gets to make that check mark.

I've been doing a lot more school with Declan this week as well. Last year I bought a "Letter of the Week" curriculum on sale at Mardel and I've started using some of the things out of that. This week we did the letter A, both lower case and upper case. (One of the things I realized is that he knows all the uppercase letters but not the lower case ones.) He's really enjoyed doing that, as well as practicing handwriting on his HWT slate. He can make an uppercase E, F, H, L, and now an A! Yay, Deco!

Oh, and they're both really excited to go back to our homeschooling Co-Op on Friday!

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Sherri said...

Madison like the list of things to be done and the check boxes too. I don't really give them a lot of flexibility on the order because I like them to get their big stuff, like Math and English over in the morning when they are the freshest. I do, however, let them choose on some things.