Friday, August 17, 2007

Back to School...

The schoolroom table is cleared of the accumulation of summer. There are new books on the shelves, new paper in the closet, and new hopes for the new year. We will start next week, probably on Monday.
Something about second grade seems so....old. Somehow more...real. Unlike kindergarten (and even first grade, to some extent), second grade seems like a "real" grade. I swear, I look around sometimes and think "Ummm...wait a minute. Homeschooling is a grown up thing! Who gave me permission to impersonate a grownup?"

Is it possible that I really have done this for two years already? Wow.

The decisions have been made about curriculum - Math U See for math, Learning Language Arts through Literature (LAATL) for LA, Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) for handwriting (beginning with the printing book for good review, then hopefully moving on to the cursive book because I know Reilly would really like that) and History for Little Pilgrims for history. Science will be through our homeschooling co-op that we belong to, which is pretty exciting. This is the first year where I'm going to "officially" be teaching two kids, as I'm going to do preschool things with Declan. I have the Primer level MUS for him for "math" and a preschool book of HWT for him to begin writing and learning letters.

I'm excited and intimidated all at the same time. Ready to get back into routine, but at the same time finding myself worried, as usual, that I'm going to miss something important. But I know that it'll be a great year!


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