Wednesday, May 30, 2007

That's All, Folks!!

Well, the books are packed away. The papers are stacked. The schoolroom closet is reorganized and all the things that I've not used recently have either been thrown away or are marked to go into my friend Shelley's garage sale.
We have reached the end of first grade.

Today, Reilly wrote her last "paper" of her first grade schoolyear. It's titles "1st Grade" and she wrote "I like 1st grade because it is fun! We go on field trips. We went apple picking. Math is my favorite thing to do. School is fun in the car." (That cracked me up because we've only done school in the car once and she got carsick, so we stopped!) After she wrote, we played numerous games of Math Go Fish , which is Reilly's new favorite game. Instead of making suits or 4 of a kind, you make pairs that are either the 9's or 10's family, depending on which type you're playing. Then she read a book to me, and when she finished, I said, "School's out, school's out, teacher's let the monkies out!" Tomorrow we head off to the Zoo with The RHFG, so both of The Kids are super exited about that. It's been so long since we've been, they're going to think it's all new!

In the last nine months, Reilly has read 76 books, and has studied the human body, weather, and space. She has mastered all of the addition facts from 0 to 9 and she learned all about how to punctuate sentences and tell nouns from verbs. While it has not been sunshine and roses the entire year, and we had our share of hard days, I could not be more proud of my girl.

I love being a homeschooling family!

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Sherri said...

Yippee!!! Doesn't it feel great?!?
We've enjoyed our first week of break so far. I am very tired from lots of company, but happy to be on break.
Next week is Bible School at our church, so it will be another busy week!!
I'm glad you finally made it to break. I don't know how people make it without one!