Wednesday, March 21, 2007

When Allergies Attack

Poor Reilly! She seems to have inherited her Papa's allergies. This morning when she woke up, she could hardly breathe out of her nose, so I gave her some medicine called Simply Stuffy. About an hour later, she says to me, "Mama, I'm so tired!" and she was all droopy eyed and pitiful. Apparently whichever medicine I gave her has a very powerful drowsiness effect on her. So we plugged through some math work and I finally told her that we would go and run some errands and then finish up later. I'm very proud of her for because she was a real trooper, but I knew that if I tried to push things further, it was going to go downhill.

So we went and ran around a bit, picking up the title to The Pepper and making a trip to Barnes & Noble. Declan got a Kumon book of mazes from Troy's mom for his birthday and he's really been having a blast with it in school. It's great practice for fine motor writing skills and I got to looking at the back of that book and seeing all the other ones they have and thinking "OH, I need that one...and THAT one...and THAT one!" I could have gone nuts, but I managed to restrain myself. I kept thinking, "OK, is this something that I need this particular book for, or is it something that I can just do at home?" For example, one book was cutting and one was tracing and I was going to get them until I realized that these were things that I could make my own worksheets for at home. I really like their upper case letter writing book, though, and may go back and get it once we really get into learning the letters.

When we got home, Reilly was fine with continuing school, so we finished up our day. I've been using a spelling curriculum called Spelling Workout, so she wrote sentences with 4 of her spelling list words. I also have a great book called something like "Cut & Paste Language Arts" so she did an exercise in ABC order where she had to paste the words in order on the paper. She just thinks it's SO cool to do school like that! I swear I could teach that girl anything with a cut and paste book! I can see it now - "Cut & Paste Physics" or "Cut & Paste Organic Chemistry"!
Well, I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, so I'm signing off for now!

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Sherri said...

I hope she feels better today. I HATE it when I take medicine without knowing that it's going to make me drowsy.....then it hits. I always hate myself for taking it.
Yep, Reilly has always loved the interactive have always been good about providing it for her!!!!!