Friday, March 09, 2007

Slooooowy Returning to Normal

Poor Reilly! She's still not feeling herself. I thought that we were all better on Wednesday and we had a "normal" day and everything. Then, yesterday, after we got home from Bible study, she started running a fever again! (Sorry to all the other Bible study moms that had their kids in childcare with her! I've been praying that she didn't spread The Plague!) So I broke down and took her to the doctor last night and he did a strep test, but it came back negative, so it's just a really bad cold. She's just so pitiful because she doesn't have much of a voice at all, so she kind of squeaks when she talks, and she's kind of tired and puny acting. It's just such a change from her usual bouncy, energetic self.

But, better this week than next because TROY IS ON VACATION next week and we're going to Silver Dollar City! WHOOPEE! He's out there right now, putting the new luggage rack on top of The Pepper.


I didn't tell you about The Pepper?!?


The Pepper is a 2006 Saturn Vue and, I tell 'ya, if it was possible to be in love with a car, then I'm smitten! We're going to get a personalized tag that says somthing like "PEPPR" or "PEPRZ" or "PEPRS" (We can only have 5 letters, so we have to work with that restriction!)

Well, on to school stuff. Reilly has been such a trooper, even though she's not been up to par. We've moved from +9's to the next lesson, which is +8's and she's getting those really quickly. The best thing is that she really enjoys doing the lessons and last Saturday even pulled Troy into the schoolroom to show him how she does her math. It's fun to watch her grin when she gets an answer right!

Well, The Family is all outside, so I'm going to go and catch a quick nap. (Ha! You thought I was going to go out there with them, didn't you?)


mamaduk said...

Last night I had a dream where I went with you guys to Silver Dollar City. Funny.

I like the name you gave your car.

Lisa said...

LOL - that's too funny! You should come and visit and go with us! THAT would be a fun trip!

Phoenix said...

ROFL *snort!*

who wouldn't know that you have a car named "the pepper" I love it!

Hey, did I tell you that I am getting a tattoo? Yep, when I go rebellious I go ALLLLLL the way rebellious!