Friday, March 23, 2007

Show and Tell - a.k.a. The Most Boring Entry Ever

Declan asked me this morning if we could do show and tell, so I obliged. I know it might seem weird, since it's really just The Kids, showing a toy that we've all seen before and each other. But they really like to do it, and it's been awhile since they've asked.

Declan chose his Playmobil pirate ship and he could have talked for hours about how he liked it because it was a Christmas present and how Mama and Papa know what he likes and picked it out for him and showing off all the "features" - the deck, the cannons, etc. Reilly chose her American Girl doll (Kirsten) and said she liked it because she had gotten it from her Nani and it was really fun to play with and look at. It was fun!

We didn't do anything spectacular in school today, but I did take some pictures, mainly because I've not taken any "regular school" pictures in awhile.

I had Declan practicing cutting. I love how intense he looks in the middle picture!
And then how proud he looks in the last picture.

Here's Reilly, practicing her +8 math facts. It's funny how much more fun it seems to her to write the answers on the white board than on regular paper!

I just thought this one looked pretty. She's doing a page in her Map Skills book.

Oh, and this was Supey while we were doing Show & Tell:

I'm sure he's thinking "My Peeps are so WEIRD!"


Sherri said...

I think I am going to start doing Show & Tell. I know all three of my kids love to read their paragraphs out loud to the rest of us...something abot all of the attention being on them. I might even let the kids pick one of the things they did..journal or something read to Jeff and me on Friday evenings to give them a bigger audience as well as let Jeff experience some of what they have been doing.
It might have seemed to be a boring post in the making for you, but it inspired me to do something new! See, you never know.

mamaduk said...

I love the Show and Tell idea. Your kids are so adorable.