Thursday, November 02, 2006


We went apple picking with some homeschooling friends on Monday and as I looked at the pictures that I took, the first word that came to mind was TEAMWORK! The weather was windy - at times, it felt like a hurricane - but the temperature was perfect for our day. All of the kids had such fun, climbing up into the trees and finding the apples that were good, using the huge apple-picker poles to get the ones off of the top of the trees. (Granny Smiths were the only ones that were left. I guess that we should have gone in the beginning of October!)

We sat and had a picnic lunch and we WERE going to go through the educational area that the orchard had set up, but it was just for the school kids...why we didn't think to mention that we were homeschooling kids, I have NO idea! But it was a really fun day anyway.

This isn't the first time that we had gone apple picking. When we were in Ohio and we drove up to Amish country, we passed an orchard and stopped on our way home. That day was cold! I laughed at how excited Bear and Deco were to see apples on TREES!!

OK, I'll admit it, I was surprised that apples grew in clusters!! It was so beautiful!!


Gattina said...

Hmmmm, what nice apples and a nice family too ! Have you ever had apple tea ? I discovered this during my trip through Turkey. Apple tea is served everywhere wherever you go and they have white, rose, or red tea depends on the used apples. It tasted great ! I bought apple tea bags over here and it was not good at all ! I really don't know how they do it.

Sherri said...

How fun....what a beautiful place. You do find some interesting things to do. My kids would have loved that. They love to pick peaches when we go to my dad's. I have no desire to do it, as I did it too much growing up...haha. I do, however, love to eat them!!!