Friday, November 10, 2006

My Baby's Growing Up - Part 2!

Well, Bear "lost" her second tooth this week! I say "lost" in quotes because, in reality, we had to go to the dentist and have it taken out. The grown up tooth was coming in behind the baby tooth, rather than right underneath it, so the whole tooth-root for the baby one hadn't been dissolved and it wouldn't let loose. SO, we went to visit our dentist who is the MOST FABULOUS DENTIST in the world, and he numbed her up a little and popped it right out! The thing that is SO cute is that she was SO excited to put it under her pillow for the "Mom Fairy" to come and leave money. Now, she knows that there isn't a tooth fairy, so I could have just handed her the $3, but it would have ruined all the excitement. She carefully placed it under her pillow when she went to bed and in the morning, came running in, grinning from ear to ear and waving her money. I love sharing in her excitement and imagination! We're going to Branson on Wednesday for our last trip to Silver Dollar City, so I'm hoping she'll save it to take with her and get a souvenier.

School this week has gone really well. I began an "experiment" on The Kids to see if giving them some protein at breakfast would help their moods during the morning. Last winter, I got into the habit of giving them a piece of sausage or bacon with breakfast, either with their cereal or with eggs, but I've not done that much since we stopped school for the summer. (Who wants to cook sausage on a summer morning?) But I noticed lately that Bear has been so easily frustrated and generally crabby, and I wondered if the lack of protein might be a contributing factor. So all this week, they've gotten a small piece of sausage with breakfast, and it really seems to have made a difference!

Today was a fun day, but sort of short. We were meeting to have lunch with some girls that I used to work with, so we played two "file folder" games, one called "Step Up to 160" which was an exercise in counting guessed it! 160!......and one called "Leap Frog Addition" which was a math game. Bear REALLY had fun with those, I think probably because it really meshes with her competative nature. We've also been working on memorizing a Thanksgiving poem called "All in a Word" (T for______, H for ________, that kind of thing). It's 7 verses (T. H, A, N, K, and S, plus a wrap up verse) and I've been having her write one verse each day, plus reviewing the previous days verses. She's doing very well and hopefully will be able to "perform" it for Nani K. on Thanksgiving!

Ched is on vacation next week, but I think I may plan to have at least a little school on Monday and Tuesday before we go out of town. But, then again, that may fly right out the window on Monday morning!

Oh, and I took and passed my yellow belt test in karate on Thursday! Yippee!

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Sherri said...

That is so cool about your karate...just super cool!!!!!!!