Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm not a bad Real Mom...

...but I am a bad Pet Mom!!
Our cat Supey's bowl is on the school room table* because if we leave it on the floor, some small, furry dog who will remain nameless *cough*JOJO*cough* will eat his food. I noticed, while we were doing school, that Supey was nosing all around his bowl, picking up random, leftover bits of food because his bowl was empty. So I filled it.
Just now, I'm sitting here, reading some of my favorite blogs, and I notice Holly, our Big Dog, nosing around the bucket where we keep HER food, picking up random, spilled bits of food because HER bowl was empty. I swear, if there was an Animal DHS, they'd probably be knocking at my door, checking up on the eating habits of our pets! (Note to self: if you notice The Kids nosing around the fridge for random, leftover bits of food, break out the CheezIts!)

*Editor's Note: Lest you are worried to come to my house and eat dinner, fearing that Supey walks all over our kitchen table as well, let it be known that he only gets on the table in the school room. Scout's honor!

Today we decided to run errands this morning because we have a big winter storm moving in and I didn't want to get out in it. (And when I say "we decided", you know I really mean I decided!)
We went to Hobby Lobby and got a whole bunch of things for Christmas crafts - pipe cleaners *, Christmas-colored pom poms, things like that - and to Mardel for school room decorations. It's time for fall things to come down and winter things to go up!! At Mardel, I got this great game called "Auntie Pasta's Fraction game" for us to use in school. On the gameboard, each player has four pizzas divided up in different ways - a whole, one divided in half, on einto thirds and one into fourths, and the object is to get all the pieces to complete all four of your pizzas. We came home and played it (twice, if you count the first time where I didn't read all the directions and we played it wrong!) and had a really good time. Then, Bear and I did her Reading Packet for today. The Kids painted pictures this morning while I was getting we pretty much had Un-School today!

*Editor's Note: Why in the world do we have to call these things "chenille stems" now? That's silly!

So, now the storm has moved in and it's VERY cold and rainy. We're supposed to get some snow tomorrow, which Bear is SUPER excited about! OH, and I got our Christmas cards in the mail today. This is the first year that we've done photo cards, and I just love the way they turned out!!! I can't wait to send them!

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Sherri said...

Social Services will be here to pick up Ginger as soon as they leave your house in that case!! It is hard to know when Ginger is truely needing food because she picks out what she likes from the food first. If her bowl is completely empty, she got pretty hungry to make herself eat all of the pieces! As for water, if it runs out, she will start scooting the bowl around the kitchen. If I see her nosing around the bathroom, it means no one heard the bowl!!
We do the best we can!! It is enough to keep the kids alive!!!