Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dinner with the Firemen

Note to self: when your mom, who is fairly computer un-savvy, writes you a note, telling you that it's time to update your blog, you know that it's been TOO LONG
since you updated your blog!!
I've been suffering from a bad case of procrastination regarding this blog! Honestly, we've been doing a whole bunch of stuff that I could write about, but I just keep putting it off.
Last weekend, The Kids, Ched, my Mom, and I all went to a progressive dinner that was put on by the fire department. It was a three-course dinner, beginning with salad at Station 23. Bear made a snowflake to give to the firemen, and she was THRILLED when the young man that she handed the picture to put it up on the bulletin board!

After our salads, we loaded onto a bus and headed for the next station - no, I can't remember the number. In fact, as I write this, I begin to question if the number of the first station is, in fact, 23...but I guess that's not important! At this station we were treated to the most wonderful grilled chicken with rice and veggies. I tell ya, those guys and gals can COOK! Makes my mouth water just to think of it! We also got a treat in that one of the firemen was there with his guitar, so we had some very nice music to accompnay our meal.

At the last station, we had our choice of numerous desserts, along with coffee (for the grownups, obviously!) to finish up our experience. It was really neat to see inside the stations, although we really didn't get to "tour" any of them. There simply wasn't enough time, although we did get to walk through the sleeping quarters at the first station. OH, and we got to see the bathroom...because, you know, The Kids simply CAN'T let any public bathroom go unexplored! I think that this may become an annual tradition because we all really enjoyed eating with the firemen!

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