Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our First Field Trip

I joined a homeschooling group last week called CHEER (Christian Home Educators Encouragement Resource) and we had our first field trip with them today. It was to the zoo, which is something that we do a lot anyway, but it was nice to meet some of the other moms and begin to get to know them. It was our first experience going to the zoo with a big group of people, and it was quite a switch for us since we're used to going with just the three of us (or four, if Ched's along), and the trip seemed a little unorganized at first. We were supposed to meet at 10:00 and we didn't even go into the zoo until 10:30, but once we got in there we had a lot of fun. I look forward to getting to know the other people more!

On another note, Bear had decided that she wants to learn cursive. I have a handwriting book that I got at Sam's (that I originally got for printing practice) but we haven't used it much because her handwriting is pretty good. It has cursive practice in it as well, so I gave it to Bear and told her she could practice all she wanted when she is in F.O.F. (Feet Off the Floor, her "rest" time during Deco's (and Mom's!) nap time) but that we weren't going to officially add it to school. She's had fun practicing and said to me today, "Well, I'm done with 'B' and I'm movin' on to 'C'!" She's so cute!


Sherri said...

Hi friend!
I'm glad you have joined a nice group. I love getting together with ours. I think our first fieldtrip is Oct. 27.
I'm teaching my boys cursive as well. I started with them halfway through last school year. I hope to have Patrick writing it is completely by the end of the school year. Madison chooses to write in print and I am not going to make her write cursive. She can and has been, but prefers print like her Dad :).
Have a great day.

Jenn (Jenneve @ JM) said...

I hope you enjoy your new group! We've joined a group and haven't been able to make it to any of the functions yet. Hopefully soon.
Jack has decided he wants to learn cursive, too, so we've added it to our daily work. He absolutely loves it and is doing really well.