Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer Fun

Can watching a silly kids show about simple machines count as school?
The Kids asked me if they could watch "Real Wheels" on PBS this morning (and bugged me and bugged me with questions of "What time is it? Is it time yet?" all morning long!) But, when we turned it on at 10:30, there was a different show on called "Zoola Patrol" which stars space creatures and, today, talked about simple machines like wedges and pulleys. Anyway, they really seemed to enjoy it and I thought, "Hmmmm, I think they learned something!" Of course, now they're watching "The Big Comfy Couch" which is a little annoying - although I'm wjnoying making up lines in my head along with the characters. For example, Loonette was just telling Granny Garbanzo how she woke up grumpy and then got silly, to which Granny responded, "Frowning one minute, laughing the next?" and I added, in my mind, "Loonette, I think you're bipolar. Let's get you on some medication!" Tee hee!

The Kids asked me if they could do Bear's "warm-up beads" - the ones where you put the plastic beads on little posts and then iron them so they smoosh together - earlier, so I got them started. Bear was making a butterfly and Deco was making a star. I had visions of taking a picture of their finished projects, but the whole activity only held their interest for about...10 minutes or so! So, no finished pictures, but they killed some time anyway!

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Sherri said...

I love those beads. I bought a lot of the shapes and beads one year for Madison's slumber party. The girls loved doing them. I should buy some more of the beads!!!
Madison used to LOVE Big Comfy Couch. One Halloween, she was Lunette and carried her Molly Doll. However, it is VERY HARD to listen to!!!
Nice to see posts from you.