Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Odd Olly, Even Elly!

There's a game that we play sometimes called "Odd Olly, Even Elly" - I think I got it off of a homeschooling ideas website. I haven't gotten it out in awhile, but I decided to last week, just for something different. You decide which character you're going to be - Olly or Elly. Ollie only likes odd numbers and Elly only likes even numbers. You roll a die (or a pair of dice if you really want to shake things up!) and then put a dot on your bugs back equal to the number that you rolled. If you have an even number, and you're Even Elly, you get a piece of leaf! If the number is odd, you don't get a piece o
f leaf unless you're Odd's a very simple game, but we love it anyway!
Bear chooses who she's going to be first and, after the first round, we switch characters.

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