Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wednesday, January 18th

We started our day off with "Show & Tell", which The Kids love and request often! I just have them pick something from their room and tell what they picked and what they like about the toy that they picked. Bear chose the wooden dress-up dolls that she got for Christmas and said that she liked the clothed that they were wearing and she liked the one that had brown hair like her. She liked the other dolls braids! (We discussed NOT dressing the dolls with their bellies showing!) Deco picked his "Wheels on the Bus" book and said that he liked it because it was "bweaking on de fwont" and he liked the tabs that could be pulled and make the pictures move! He also likes that it plays the song when you push a button on the front - or at least it USED to play a song until the button reached its 40-millionth push! Now it just sounds sick! It might seem silly to do "show & tell" with toys that we've all seen a million times, but I figure it exercises their powers of observation and their verbal skills. At least that's how I justify it!

Bear worked on some workbook pages that reviewed writing some of the letters. I had noticed yesterday that she was asking me, "How do I make a 'g'?" so I figured that a little review wouldn't hurt! She really seems to enjoy workbooks and always asks me to make a star at the top when she's finished.

Both of The Kids had fun playing with "Shape Shuffle" which is just making different figures our of colored, cardboard shapes. I'm not sure if it counts as an official tangram because there are circles, semicircles, and quarter circles, but it's the same basic principle. Bear was able to do hers on her own while Deco required a little help.
Bear's favorite activity, by far today, was when I let her write letters and numbers in vanilla pudding!!
Any excuse at all to play with her food goes over REALLY big! (Deco just ate his with a spoon.)

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